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Teslandi.Pro distinguishes itself by using premium products for producing solar energy. We use micro-inverter technology for a higher energy yield, with the longest product warranty avalable and great reliability. We consider solar PV as means of production that should generate energy for many years without failing and minimal maintenance.  Fire safety and low voltage, together with simple AC installation, provide a low risk investment with long term yield guarantees.

For wind projects we supply an 'urban' windturbine solution that is very efficient, low noise and relatively small. In combination with solar PV you can generate renewable energy throughout the year.

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This VAWT, Vertical Axel Wind Turbine is available in 10, 20 of 30 kW and is very low noise and easy on the eye regarding moving speed. At an average windspeed of 8 m/s (Dutch coastline), this turbine produces 100.000 kWh/year and makes only 40 dB noise at 30 meters of distance. The mast is 24 meters high.

A small windturbine with a surprisingly high yield, perfect for urban or scenic environments. Because of the direct drive turbine the maintenance of the turbine is low and has a long lifespan.