Make the difference!



Werkplek west has recently delivered a energy plus project, for developer E-unit in Arnhem, where all of the aspects of our renewable energy concept are represented.

The units all higly insulated, floor heating and cooling,  powered by an innovative ice accumilating heat pump, equiped with charging stations and a custom designed business energy management system.

On the roof and south facade 2600 solar modules are mounted, all equiped with micro inverters, providing high yield and low maintanance. This generates a power of 1MWp and is stored in a 1,2 MWh battery, more than sufficient to meat the consumption and trade the surplus on the energy market. Besides the energy trade, grid stabilization is offered to network operator, generating alternative income.

The developer has created his own grid, therefore a complete new business model is created, along side the revenue of the real estate. Apart from revenues of power consumption, heating and cooling, there is income from trade, subsidies, windpower and charging EV's. The developer has become energy supplier and can link business-like projects in the future in this energy model.